Congratulations to 5 Star Vipers 12U Stull on winning the Shipyard Park Event #31 Championship!!

Our goal at the 5 Star Vipers is to create an environment that will allow our players to realize their capabilities as baseball players; to develop confidence, self-esteem and poise as athletes; to understand that their achievements are a direct result of their efforts; to cultivate friendships among their teammates; and to understand that sportsmanship, not showmanship, is the major ingredient in playing with class and respecting the great game of baseball.

The mission of our program is to create a non-profit 501 (c)(3) travel baseball organization that is focused on Total Player Development. We strive to provide our players with superior training, knowledge, and the highest level of competition possible. It is our goal to be an elite travel baseball team, and to be competitive with the strongest teams across the country.

5 Star Carolina Players Drafted

Nick Neal

2019 – 11th Rd – Blue Jays

Michael Cuevas

2019 – 23rd Rd – Nationals

Tyler Causey

2019 – 37th Rd – Marlins

Jackson Merrill

2021 – 1st Round – Padres